Some 700 employees of DCDC were treated to a fun-filled Christmast Party featuring raffles, a singing contest and the traditional presentation contests among the various project sites at the IEC Conventon Center last Dec. 22.

The employees, all with at least five years experience, came from the various projects from the Visayas and Mindanao.

The event, which was celebrated with the theme of Christmas colors (red, green and gold) started with a Thanksgiving Mass celebrated by Rev. Brigoli, while Architect Ronald Benolirao gave the welcome address. Leslie Eileen Ostrea then led the welcoming of the new employees before the party was treated to a sumptous lunch.

After the meal, the HR,Engineering, Equipment and Logistic Divisions gave their opening numbers before before the contestants of the DCDC Singing Idol 2018 wowed the crowd with their vocal prowess.