TEAM PLAY. The men and women of DCDC who worked tirelessly for the company’s latest ISO milestone.

For the ninth straight year, Dakay Construction and Development Corporation maintained its continued accreditation for its compliance in the Integrated Management System comprising of the following: ISO 9001:2015 – Quality, OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health and Safety and ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management.

The surveillance audit was conducted the by United Registrars Systems Philippines on July 2 and 3. This would be the last audit for Dakay Construction’s current certification period (2017-2020).

The ISO body auditors commended the company for its good practices and numerous improvements on its facilities and internal processes. The highlights for the year’s audit were the safety video and Training and Assessment Center in Marigondon in cooperation in cooperation with Cebu Contractors Association, the on-going site development of the new DCDC Marigondon Facility, the JEG Tower project–DCDC’s first project to be certified LEED–and the new property for the Batching Plant.

Dakay Construction and Development Corporation is currently gearing up for its IMS recertification audit on May 2020 with the new standard of ISO 45001 (in replacement of OHSAS 18001) to be implemented next year.

To remain ISO compliant is a promise that Dakay Construction and Development Corporation aims to persistently achieve for the industry, its clients and employees. The company holistically commits itself to continuous improvement by delivering nothing but Environmental Stewardship, Health and Safety and Quality at its best.

CHECK. Members of the JEG tower team submit their documents for the ISO audit.

SITE VISIT. The audit team checks the JEG Tower, DCDC’s first LEED certified project.

LATEST.The new batch plant is inspected by the audit team.

SITE VISIT. The new DCDC facility in Marigondon, is expected by the ISO audit team.

FLYING COLORS. The CCA training and assessment center in Marigondon was one of the highlights of this year’s ISO audit.

WE’RE READY. DCDC employees, led by CEO Pericles Dakay, PhD, listen to the presentation of the audit report