CEDC-Coals Shed Facility and Conveyor System. Site works and structural, MEF –P380 milion (2011)

Kabankalan Biomass-Fired Power Plant. Civil and structural–P200 million (2015)

URSUMCO 100 KLPD FUEL GRADE BIO-ETHANOL PLANT. Civil, structural–P260 million (2014)

Atlas Fertilizer Corp. Administration Building. Structural/Architectural–P105 million (2018)

Blu Kuartz Holding Inc. Fabrication Plant. Structural–P83 million (2018)

SM Central Distribution Facility. Structural, plumbing and fire protection–P75 million (2011)

CEDC Tie End Tower (TT3)–P17 million (2011)

TPC Steel Cage for Boilers 6 and 7–P16 million (2012)

TPC Coalyard Rehabilitation–P33 Million (2012)


Menzi Commercial Complex and Warehouse Building–P50 million (1998)

Jollibee Commissary Plant and Utility Building–P60 million.

First Cebu Art Craft Building and Site Improvement Project–P45 million

Goodwill Workshop and Canteen Building–P25 million (2001)

MCWD Motorpool and Office Building and Site Development Works.–P15 million (2004)

Motorpool and Maintenance Building Repair/Improvement of Dormitory and Annex Building. Renovation of Ward 4 and 1 of VSMMCC–P37 million (2000)

TPC-Conveyor 04 Modification and Retrofitting of Plant Phase 1 Civil, Architectural, Plumbing–P14 million. (2012)

TPC-Motorpool Building. Earthworks, civil, structural, architectural and plumbing–P3 million. (2012)

Retrofitting and Fit Out Works of ABS International Building–P8 million (2004)

Cebu Yamachi Workshop and Canteen Building–P8 million (2001)

Cebu Cambridge Footwear HRD Building–P6 million (2003)

Far East Wire Harness Factory Building–P9 million.

Berovan Central Distribution Facility. Earthworks, civil and structural–P45 million (2011)