Our Principles

MISSION:  Dakay Construction and Development Corporation seeks to create a niche in the construction industry. To ensure customer satisfaction, DCDC strives to provide quality construction services that exceed clientele expectations. A wide range of machinery and equipment acquired to cater to various construction needs complements such services. DCDC is proud of its competent and highly-qualified personnel trained to serve the complex demands of its clients. Lastly, DCDC believes that profit resulting from the quality service it offers is a by-product of the quality service rendered, thereby ensuring the organization’s existence and growth.



Our People form a solid foundation for every project. while the best is expected from the, the company does its share in fostering a healthy and harmonious working relationship with its employees.


Our quality service is our selling factor. The high-caliber craftsmanship and competent characteristics of our workers are a must.For us, quality service is tantamount to customer satisfaction.


Profit measures our success and how effectively we have performed our jobs. Corollary then to the need for our company’s growth is the need for profit growth and survival.

VISION: We aim to be the leading and most-admired construction company in the Visayas and Mindanao by the year 2020 by instituting a creative and proactive approach to innovation and change thru strict adherence of quality international standards, developing and retaining highly-qualified people, consistent day-to-day improvement and creative innovations in management and technology. Quality Services, Customer Satisfaction, Filipino Ingenuity.



QUALITY SERVICE in everything that we do to exceed clients expectations.

Hiring, developing and retaining highly-competent and skilled PEOPLE, our solid foundation to every endeavor.

Cultivating LOYALTY and DEDICATION in our people.


Acquiring, upgrading and maintaining a wide range of quality machinery and equipment to meet client demands and environmental regulations in every project.

Adopting environment-friendly practices in our operations to mitigate adverse impact to the environment.

Creatting an adequate, yet exceptional work environment conducive for maximizing our people’s talents and potential.


Placing institutional mechanisms to ensure Good Governance in every aspect of our operations.

Pursing Global Best Practices and International Standards for the continuous  improvement of our processes.


Financial Stability. Increase revenue and profitability and cash flow stability. Maximize equipment/asset utilization and productivity. Align strategies and priorities to ensure a balance in managing income and expenses.

Increase Value. Exceeding client expectations and demands for each and every project. Improve reputation for quality and professionalism in the market and thereby, gain respectable market share alongside consistent periodic growth.

Effective Internal Processes. Improve key business processes in the areas of (1 Client selection and project acquisition, 2. PRoject costing Control and 3 Quality Assurance) Create an objective and consistent process for obtaining feedback and evaluation. Institutionalize best practices and international standards to achieve customer satisfaction and unparalleled service.

Learning, Innovation and Growth. Develop a system to capture global best practices and innovations in the industry to maintain competitiveness. Continually improve HR processes to ensure quality recruitment of new workers and the retention of performing workers. Manage sustainable growth thru effective strategies in creating a niche in the industry.