Rehabilitation of Robinson’s Place Mall Tacloban. Architectural–P340 million (2014)

Cebu City Pasil Fish Market. Structural and drainage–P290 million (1991)

Metro Grill Supermarket. Civil, Structural, Architectural, MEPF works–P55 million (2015)

Island City Mall. Civil and structural–P255 million (2004)

Metro Parking. Civil, structural and architectural–P235 million (2014)

Robinson’s Place Iloilo. Civil, structural and architectural–P230 million (2013)

Metro Rubber. Civil and architectural works–P215 million (2013)

Metro Project-Nice Department Store and Supermarket. ¬†Architectural and structural works–P190 million (2015)

Metro Petron. Civil, structural, architectural–P190 million (2013)

General renovations of Robinson’s Place Cebu. Architectural, civil and electrical–P115 million (2011)


North Hypermart Bacolod. Site works, structural and masonry–P115 million (2013).

Metro Carmen. Site development, civil, structural and architectural works–P80 million (2014).

Metro Gaisano Toledo Department Store and Supermarket.¬†Civil, structural works–P65 million (2010).

Metro Maasin Department Store and Supermarket. Civil, structural works–P85 million (2012)

DISPO-Philippines Inc. Architectural and structural–P94 million (1996)

Mandaue City Public Market. Civil, Structural–P70 million (1996)

PARK CENTRALE 18-STOREY BPO BUILDING. Civil, structural, Architectural–P160 million (2015)

Pardo Public Market. Structural–P60 million. (1998)

Colonade Mall Expansion. Structural. P70 million. (2009)

Single Storey Commercial Building. Earthworks, site works and structural–P26 million (2007).

Toledo City Public Market. Structural P29 million (1988)

Two-Storey Suarez Commercial Building with roof deck. Architectural and structural–P20 million (2004)

Five-Storey Pioneer Commercial Building. Architectural and structural–P20 million (2007)

Casili Commercial Building. Architectural and structural–P6 million. (2007)

Danao Bus Terminal Cum Public Market. Structural–P86 million. (2006)